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Raw Fish Tasting (All In One Dish)


Cooked Fish Tasting …

All the Allergens *
€ 35,00

Light blue… Mackerel, fennel mousse, toasted onion and shiitake powder

allergens: 2-5-7-11-12-14
€ 20,00

Steamed Prawns, Datterino Tomatoes, Pistachios, Olive Powder & Stracciatella Cheese
allergens: 1-2-3-7-10
€ 20,00

Roasted Scallops with Smoked Potato Foam & Black Truffle
allergens: 2-7-8

€ 25,00

Smoked Salmon with Late green beans, Apple Cream, Mustard & Vanilla
allergens: 2-5-7-9-11

€ 22,00

Scaloppa di Foie Gras, Scallops, Ginseng & Coffee Sauce
allergens: 2-7-8-14

€ 25,00

Clams, Mussel, Anchovies & Bruschetta Bread
allergens: 1-2-3-5-8

€ 25,00

Spider Crab
allergens: 3

€ 22,00

Local Scallops
allergens: 8

€ 6,00

Risotto with black truffle, lobster with hazelnut butter and crème fraiche

allergens: 1-2-3-5-7-8
€ 25,00 (min. per 2 persone)

Spaghettoni with Garlic, Oil, Chili Pepper, Cuttlefish & Ink
allergens: 2-8
€ 20,00

Cold Capellini Pasta with Raw Fish & Caviar “Caviar Giaveri”
allergens: 2-3-5-8

€ 35,00

Scampi Carbonara with Bacon Foam & Marinated Egg
allergens: 2-3-4-7

€ 20,00

Paccheri with Sicilian Red Prawns, Basil Pesto Sauce & Burrata
allergens: 1-2-3-7-10

€ 22,00

Candles whit peas cream, soy tuna

allergens: 1-2-4-5-7-8

€ 22,00

We Can Suggest Further Classic Main Courses…

John Dory Fish au Gratin, Parsnip Puree, Pumpkin & Lupine Sauce

allergens: 1-2-5-7-14
€ 28,00

Grilled Sea Bass & Seasonal Vegetables
allergens: 5-7
€ 28,00

Turbot “Pizzaiola” Style, Amaranth Waffle & Thyme Flavored Potato
allergens: 1-2-5-7

€ 28,00

Tuna Cutlet with Potato Sticks & Tartare Sauce
allergens: 2-4-5-10-14

€ 25,00

Mare Mare: Fish & Sea Vegetables Tasting
allergens: 2-3-5-7-8-11

€ 30,00

Suckling pig with sweet and sour red prawns tartare, apple and chard
allergens: 1-3-7

€ 30,00

Fried Fish & Vegetables
allergens: 2-3-5-8-11-14

€ 25,00

Homemade Aubergine Parmesan
allergens: 1-2-7-11

€ 16,00

Other FISH could be suggested according to availability of the day and cooked in a traditional way.


Prawn Lollipop with Pineapple Jam

Potato mousse with Roasted Scallops and Marsala Reduction

Baby Octopuses and Rosemary

John Dory Fish Risotto, Clams & Anchovy Sauce

Scampi Carbonara with bacon foam

Tuna cutlet with tartar sauce and potato sticks

Something sweet… Pre-Dessert

Hazelnut Ice Cream with Hot Chocolate and toasted Hazelnuts

€ 85,00 Wines not included

€ 100,00 Vines included

4 Glasses per Person
Allergens: from 1 to 14. Ask the waiters for further details



Appetizers of the day…

Smoked Salmon with green beans. Apple Cream. Mustard & Vanilla

Light blue… Mackerel, fennel mousse, toasted onion and shiitake powder

Risotto whit black truffle, lobster whith hazelnut butter and crème fraiche

Candles with pea cream, soy tuna

Mare Mare: fish & sea vegetables tastig

Something Sweet…Pre-Dessert

Cannolo with guanaja Chocolate Foam & Salted Caramed Ice Cream 

€ 95,00 Wines not included

€ 110,00 Wines included

5 Glasses per person
Allergens: from 1 to 14. Ask the waiters for further details

Menu is served for all table guests


Puff Paistry with Chantilly Cream and Red Fruits

allergens: 2-4-7

Gianduiotto & White Chocolate Ingot with Vanilla Ice Cream
allergens: 2-4-7-10-11

White to eat… Fresh in the summer 

allergens: 2-4-7-14

Hazelnut Ice Cream with Hot Chocolate and Toasted Hazelnuts
allergens: 2-4-7-10-11

Homemade Hazelnut Nougat with Orange Sauce
allergens: 2-4-7-10-11

Meringue whit Yuzu and gin ice cream
allergens: 2-4-7-10

White Chocolate Namelaka Mousse with Liquorice and Yoghurt Ice Cream
allergens: 2-4-7

Cannolo with Guanaja Chocolate Foam and Salted Caramel Ice Cream
allergens: 2-4-7-10-11
€ 9,00


Bronte pistacchio ice cream

Late Mandarin Sorbet
€ 8,00


Italo Cescon – Manzoni Bianco Late harvest “In Sé” 2015 (Veneto)

Intense fragrance of dates and chestnuts, apricots and candied orange. meditation wine

€ 6,00

Ornella Molon – White di Ornella (Verduzzo, Traminer, Sauvignon) 2014 (Veneto) 

Fragrance of Raisins and Candied Fruit with a Sweet Taste. Suggested with Tarts and Cream Desserts.

€ 6,00


Maculan – Dindarello (White Muscat) 2017 (Veneto)

Typical aromas of the variety. Excellent in combination whith pastry dessert, fruit tarts

€ 6,00


Tasca D’Almerita – “Diamante” (Moscato, Traminer Aromatico) 2017 (Sicily)

Scents of Candied Orange. Honey and Yellow Rose. Suggested with Cream and Chocolate Desserts.

€ 8,00


Pojer e Sandri – Merlino (Lagrein, Brandy) S.A. (Trentino)

Varietal and Spicy Aroma. Suggested with Chocolate and Fruity Desserts.

€ 8,00


Mesa “Forte Rosso” (Carignano del Sulcis) 2017 (Sardinia)

                                                                                                 Deep, morello cherry and black cherry.                                                                                                                It goes well whith dessert whit red fruit creams. Accompanies chocolate and coffee desserts.

€ 8,00


Di Lenardo “Pass de Cookies” (Verduzzo and Riesling) 2018 (friuli)

                                                                Rich and delicate wine, on the nose notes of acacia, vanilla and honey.                                                                                                                                             It goes well with dry desserts and mascarpone-based desserts.

€ 6,00


Filippon Ramandolo (Verduzzo) 2017 (Friuli)

                                                                          Velvety and pleasant wine, slightly tannic, with a hint of wood.                                                                                                                                                                    It goes well with rich desserts and dried fruit.

€ 8.00